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All Cleaner

All Cleaner is the ideal solution to remove residual parts of alginate, plaster, cement.

• The active ingredients are completely biodegradable
• Cleaning agents are obtained by renewable sources
• Fast and easy to use
• Neutral pH
• Compatible with ultrasonic cleaners
• It does not damage or dulls stainless steel surfaces.
• Without phosphates and surface-active agents

Recomended for Dental Clinics and Dental Laboratories.


Quick and easy to use All Cleaner is available as it follows:

CONCENTRATED LIQUID: it is available in 1 lt. bottle (ALC100) or 5 lt. plastic container (ALC500). A ready to use solution is obtained by diluting 1 part of liquid to 9 parts of water.

POWDER: it is available in single-use sachets of 50 gr. Simply pour the content of a sachet into one liter of water to obtain a ready to use solution. The slight effervescence which develops helps the dissolution process. To facilitate the dissolution process stir the solution.

Recomended submersion time: alginate 3h (dissolution: 0,05 g/h), plaster 5h (dissolution: 0,04 g/h); cements 8h (dissolution 0,03 g/h). An excessive increase in dissolution time indicates the need to replace the solution. Ultrasonic cleaners use reduces submersion timings.

If correctly used All Cleaner Powder does not damage or dulls stainless steel surfaces. Long submersion timing of aluminum instruments can cause deterioration. After submersions instruments must be abundantly rinsed with water.

Instruments and impression trays must be subjected to appropriate processes of cleaning and sterilization before their use. Does not contains phosphates and surface-active agents.


ALC100 - 1 Lt. Bottle (concentrated)
ALC500 - 5 Lt. Plastic container (concentrated)
ACX015 - Carton box containing 15x 50 gr singles-use sachets (750 gr)


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