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Since Kromopan was created it has been an incredible break through in dentistry allowing the impression taking with high quality and easy check through the working phases.

Thanks to a careful selection of raw materials and well-advanced manufacturing processes, it has been possible to further extend the dimensional stability of the dental impression during its storage up to 168 hours for the whole range of Lascod alginates. All that maintaining unchanged the high accuracy, the elasticity of the material and the extra quick setting time in the oral cavity to guarantee the perfect realization of any prosthesis or functional intervention.


Kromopan and Alginor-ortho are the Lascod chromatic alginates. The chromatic phase indicator helps the preparation of the impression tray work regardless of enviromental conditions and of temperature and hardness of the used water.

perfect control of times

The long working time allows to manipulate the product with extreme calm.
The time in mouth is only 30’’ to reduce at minimum patient’s discomfort.


Severe daily quality controls on our raw materials, innovative production processes and continuous research allow us to provide you with an extremely accurate product with consistent quality over time.

Our alginates reproduces extremely fine details and guarantees an accurate duplication for the preparation of any prosthesis product.


  working time minimum time
in mouth
KROMOPAN 1'45''(type I)
2'45''(type II)
30'' 20 Mint
ALGINOR 1'45'' 30'' 20 Mint
MILLENIUM 1'45'' 30'' 15 Strawberry
ALGINELLE 1'45''(type I)
2'45''(type II)
30'' 20 Mint


The resistance to compressive strength during extraction form the oral cavity and high elastic return score (95.5%) are a guarantee of perfect impressions even with heavy undercuts.




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