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Progressing research and innovation

Plaster model has to reproduce with the highest fidelity every detail of the oral cavity detected by impression material. Progressing research in new products, accurate selection of raw materials and innovating working techniques are our daily business, in order to provide the perfect mix of quality, performance and time management. This allowed us to create the new Singletypo 4 Light Grey CAD SYSTEM plaster type IV extra-hard which widens the range of our plasters, well known by their high quality standards.

cad-cam compatibility

Physical properties, specific color and innovative formulation make Singletypo 4 Light Grey, Singletypo 4 Golden Brown, Kromotypo 4, the perfect stone for CAD-CAM reading optical, laser and tactile.


fast setting time and accuracy

Micronized and fine powder allows the accurate and detailed transfer of the oral cavity data recorded on the impression material to your model stone. Our plasters/stone are characterized by great strength and surface hardness, strong edges even in thin layers and no splinters during cutting or refining. No breakage risks when separating models from impressions.



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