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Kromoglass 2

• Glass-ionomer cement for fillings
• Water based cement (biocompatible)
• Excellent bondage with enamel and dentine
• No need for retention points
• High resistance to breakage and compression
• Stable expansion setting
• Low solubility
• It reacts at low temperature
• High and prolonged fluoride release
• Radiopaque


KROMOGLASS 2 is a water based glass-ionomer cement developed for filling. Our cement is characterized by an excellent chemical bondage with excellent adhesion to enamel and dentine. Adhesive, surface preparation with acids or the creation of points of retention are not required allowing the optimal use of the remaining dental structure. It is used for restoration of deciduous teeth (especially class I), repairing cuneiform defects, erosions of enamel and roots near the neck, including class V alterations, cavities with carious lesions, class II fillings and class I alterations; including fillings of fissures (wide cracks.) KROMOGLASS 2 stable expansion setting (with a thermal dialation and contaction equal to that of enamel and dentine) and low solubility are a guarantee for an excellent and long lasting bonding High fluoride release also contributes to long lasting bonding and sensibly diminishes the risk of new caries. KROMOGLASS 2 is perfectly radiopaque and radiography checks are easy to read over time.

Color: universal


KGL525 - 20 gr. powder.


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