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Everything begun ... 

...  in Florence with a an enquiry from of a dental depot representative. He visited a university professor with the intent of identifying and obtaining a dental cement formulation.  He wanted to introduce to the market a dental cement with the same specifications of a small sample of reference. Once the formulation was discovered, they faced the challenge of understanding the manufacturing process. Thanks to experience, commitment, passion and a bit of luck the professor was able to produce a dental cement of a much better quality than the one received as sample.

A small laboratory  was then established in 1946 and later transformed in a dynamic international chemical company. LASCOD always gives outmost priority to its customers' and market's requirements

The zinc-oxyphosphate cement Kleio and the temporary filling cement Litark were the first two products introduced to the market. After a successful market response, Akripon (a thermoplastic impression compound) and Kromopan (the first ever chromatic alginate) were also introduced to the dental community. Kromopan immediately became a milestone of innovation for the dental world because of is accuracy. The patented CHROMATIC indicator allows an immediate visual control over the different preparation phases avoiding useless and costly waste of time. The alginate product portfolio was then extended with the introduction of Litochrom, Alginelle, Alginor and Millenium. The alginate research and manufacturing know-how developed over more than half a century are at the basis of many innovative new products such as Personal Krono the only alginate working time regulator able to increase further LASCOD alginates ease of use. 

LASCOD new chromatic indicator technology was also applied to the patented type 3 and 4 dental stones Kromotypo 3 and Kromotypo 4. The only CHROMATIC plasters available in the world were followed suit by the Singletypo range: a series of plaster stones specifically developed to satisfy every modern dental laboratory's requirements. The line of plaster-stones was soon integrated with specific products such as dye-stones, model stones, orthodontic stones and articulator and flask plasters. As already done for the line of alginates, LASCOD announced the creation of plaster working time regulator named Time out

The existing line of cements was later completed by the chemical company from Tuscany with a line of water based glass-ionomer cements, Kromoglass 1, Kromoglass 2 and Kromoglass 3.

Additional  investments and research on impression compounds produced first Silaxil, a condensation curing silicone and later Ghenesyl a unique hydroactive addition curing silicone. Well aware of the dental technician specific requirements, LASCOD also developed Ergasil condensation curing laboratory putty.

To integrate the range of products related to impression taking, LASCOD recently presented the All Cleaner line. The new line offers  a series of concentrated or ready to use liquid detergents for hand instruments and impression trays.

In addition to the above mentioned consumable products and for more than 15 years, LASCOD has been producing Zeffiro hand instruments. Zeffiro is a complete line of more than 1000 different shapes of clinical and laboratory hand instruments. With Zeffiro, LASCOD also introduced the unique and patented smooth handle extremely easy to clean and sterilize.

The last product developed and patented by LASCOD is the innovative Exploit impression tray. This is the only cold stamped stainless steel impression tray without soldering or welding between tray and handle. With adjustable arches to custom fit any oral cavity, Exploit is available with just 3 sizes.

Lascod today

Changes are always positive opportunities...

Highly skilled personnel, 70 years of marketing experience, a worldwide distribution network, product quality recognition together with modern manufacturing capacity, packing and logistics have made of LASCOD a point of reference in the dental field. Our knowhow and success in the dental field also allowed us to explore other fields of application such as podiatry, audiology, cosmetics, movie and the mechanical industry. 
basis, starting from specific requests and developing subsequent sampling up to the proposition of a final formula ready for manufacturing. The same approach is also applied to private label product packaging, when this is requested.

Changes always represent positive opportunities. They stimulate us and this is the reason why we have chosen to propose a new image and a revolutionized graphic for all our products.

It's all about a real revolution, which begins  with a more somber packaging design and continues with our commitment to offer positive answers to our customers with an everyday increasing reactiveness.  Innovation is for everyone at LASCOD a synonymous for attention to international markets development with a new management organization ready to satisfy diverse requests from different parts of the world.

We strive for innovation and change while remembering our tradition to achieve a sustainable development of products and technologies. New products and market development, personnel continuos training in and outside LASCOD are our tools to achieve excellence. Our customers will always be the reason of our success.

This is LASCOD today!    


LASCOD Spa - Via Longo, 18 - 50019 Sesto Fiorentino - Florence - Italy - Phone +39 055 4215768