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• Maximum accuracy
• Ideal viscosity
• Tixotropic
• Excellent dimensional stability
• Very elastic
• Bio-compatible
• Mint flavor (Putty)
• Orange flavor (Light Body and Regular Body)


Silaxil, the Lascod condensation silicone (Type C), available in the already known Putty and Light Body, enriches its range with the all-new Regular Body.

The purple color of Light Body and the green color of Regular Body allow you to check the perfectly homogeneous mixing of base paste and the catalyst, creating later a great contrast between the first and the second impression.

The viscosities facilitate mixing by hand, making it free from any porosity; it also allows the reproduction of details without compressing the tissues, thus making it the ideal product for all of the techniques of impression taking.

The orange flavor and the short setting time in the mouth, make the new formula more pleasant for the patient.

The long working time allows to perform the various stages of impression taking, without that the material pre-harden hastily.

The high dimensional stability allows to preserve the impression for prolonged periods without incurring any dimensional alteration of the models.

Moreover, thanks to the blocks mixture driven, the phases of the dosage and the subsequent mixing between Light Body/Regular Body and the Enersyl catalyst are extremely simplified, avoiding a useless waste of material.


SLP010 - 1 x 900 ml. - PUTTY
SLP050 - 1 x 140 ml. - LIGHT BODY
SLP060 - 1 x 140 ml. - REGULAR BODY

SLP201 - SILAXIL KIT - 1 x 200 ml. (PUTTY) + 1 x 40 ml. (LIGHT BODY) + 1 x 15 ml. (ENERSYL) + 3 mixing sheets.

SLP301 - SILAXIL BOX - 1 x 900 ml. (PUTTY) + 1 x 140 ml. (LIGHT BODY) + 1 x 60 ml. (ENERSYL) + 10 mixing sheets.

Mixing guide:

SLP150 - Pack of 30 blocks with 10 sheets each.

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How to use SILAXIL:


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