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The importance of Details

Millenium HQ 5 Micron 168 Hours alginate is the go-to choice for dentists who have high expectations for their dental impressions.

This alginate offers outstanding precision in details reproduction of 5 micron, surpassing many silicones in quality.

With its high tear strength and superb elasticity, you can trust that your impressions will be accurate every time. In addition, its extra dimensional stability guarantees impression accuracy for up to 168 hours (7 days).

With an extremely rapid water absorption and a fantastic creamy consistency plus a 5-year real shelf life and you will get the best alginate for dental impression.

With a strawberry flavour and a setting time in mouth of only 30 seconds, Millenium HQ 5 Micron 168 Hours alginate is a top choice for dentists looking for superior quality and accuracy in their impressions.


An accurate dental impression is the fundamental step for all the experienced clinicians to achieve a precise, accurate and successful prosthesis. The use of high quality materials is of primary importance, both impression materials and plasters.


Lascod, with over 70 years of experience in manufacturing dental materials, assures constant quality and that represents its distinctive feature.

The precision of a plaster model essentially depends on the interaction between the two materials used, alginate and plaster. Only the use of Lascod alginates allows to obtain an extremely compact plaster surface free of air bubbles, which means a level of accuracy greater than 15 microns.

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