Italian dental manufacturer, since 1946
Dental Supplies Producer

More than 75 years of history

Since 1946 we are dental manufacturer, producing alginates, silicones, cements and plaster for dentists.
With Kromopan, the first chromatic alginate, Lascod has revolutionized the world of dentistry by allowing the taking of high quality impressions with easy control of the processing phases.
Read our history to find out all the steps that led us to be one of the most important dental industry in the world.

Everything begun...

…in Florence with a an enquiry from a dental depot representative. He visited a university professor with the intent of identifying and obtaining a dental cement formulation.  He wanted to introduce to the market a dental cement with the same specifications of a small sample of reference. Once the formulation was discovered, they faced the challenge of understanding the manufacturing process. Thanks to experience, commitment, passion and a bit of luck the professor was able to produce a dental cement of a much better quality than the one received as sample. A small laboratory  was then established in 1946 and later transformed in a dynamic international chemical company.

The color change

Since Kromopan was created it has been an incredible break through in dentistry, allowing, thanks to the chromatic phase indicator (Lascod patent), the impression taking with high quality and easy check through the working phases.

Plasters and new patents

Lascod new chromatic indicator technology was also applied to the patented type 3 and 4 dental stones Kromotypo 3 and Kromotypo 4. The only chromatic plasters available in the world were followed suit by the Singletypo range: a series of plaster stones specifically developed to satisfy every modern dental laboratory’s requirements. The line of plaster-stones was soon integrated with specific products such as dye-stones, model stones, orthodontic stones and articulator and flask plasters.

A complete range of products

To expand the range of products, production has been oriented towards new generation glass ionomer cements: this is how the Kromoglass line was born. Then, we continued with the development of impression materials; this is how the Silaxil and Ghenesyl silicones for the dental clinic were born, and the Ergasil silicon, specific for the dental laboratory.
Finally, the All Cleaner line was developed, a solution to remove residues from impression trays and dental instruments.

Dental instruments

In addition to the above mentioned consumable products, Lascod offer was implemented with Zeffiro dental instruments. Zeffiro is a complete line of more than 1000 different shapes. With Zeffiro, Lascod also introduced the unique and patented smooth handle, extremely easy to clean and sterilize.

The last product developed and patented by Lascod is the innovative Exploit impression tray. This is the only cold stamped stainless steel impression tray without soldering or welding between tray and handle.

Lascod today

Highly skilled personnel, more than 75 years of presence on the market, a worldwide distribution network, product quality recognition together with modern manufacturing capacity, packing and logistics have made Lascod a point of reference in the dental field.

We devote ourselves with passion to the constant development of the products and technologies applied to them; the development of new markets, the training and updating of the people who work in or with Lascod with the aim of pursuing excellence in the various business sectors, while always paying the utmost attention to the needs of those who made us reach this important goal: the customer.

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