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Exploit, weld free impression trays

The basic principle of “absolute hygiene”, already successfully used for Zeffiro line of instruments, has allowed the creation of Exploit impression trays, made from one single colp-pressed sheet of stainless steel (Lascod patent).

Exploit impression tray
Zeffiro kit

Zeffiro, our tangible answer to the needs of the most demanding professionals!

Lascod is the first company that launches in patenting a perfectly smooth handle, using innovative techniques of coupling handles / tips without applying chemical adhesives or welding, responsible for triggering and facilitating oxidation and corrosion processes. At the same time, the special smooth handle is able to save the dentist time during the reconditioning processes of the instrument, precisely because it is free from knurling which can make cleaning difficult.
Tavola disegno 1

Secure grip

The grip of the instrument improves control and operating sensitivity, resulting in less hand fatigue. Handles are available in variable diameters:

6 mm (solid), 8 mm and 10 mm (hollow).

Tavola disegno 2

Corrosion resistant

Manufactured after selecting and testing the best formulations of surgical steel available on the market, in order to ensure maximum resistance to corrosion over time. They are suitable for every type of sanitization and sterilization technique.

extra clean

Easy to clean

The total absence of any knurled surfaces prevents having to use brushes or abrasive metal scourers that could damage the instrument and facilitate the onset of corrosion. It facilitates the last rinse and subsequent drying step.

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