The "Next step" in podiatry

Putting all our knowledge and commitment into research to develop continuously innovative and high quality products was and remains our corporate mission.
Since its inception, Lascod has proved to be the leader in impression materials for the dental sector with the first chromatic phase indication alginate, Kromopan, known all over the world.
70 years of experience have allowed us to create an innovative line of products specially designed to facilitate the daily work of many professional doctors. Materials that allow to obtain extremely precise medical devices, easy to use, available in a wide range and with high levels of biocompatibility to protect both the patient and the professional.
Production and distribution brought together in one place ensure accurate control of the entire production chain starting from the selection of the best raw materials.

Orthesis Kit

Orthesis line

Specific for orthesis, it provides the professional podiatrist everything necessary to obtain maximum performance.
The line consists of a range of addition silicones, with final hardnesses of 8, 20 and 40 Shore A, and a single common activator.
The possibility of obtaining intermediate hardness by mixing the base pastes together allows you to customize the material, further enhancing its characteristics and adapting to any type of intervention to be performed.

Impression Kit

Impression line

This line is inclusive of everything needed to reproduce the affected part and obtain a positive on which to build the necessary medical device. It consists of: Podoshape, impression silicone with addition polymerization and final hardness of 90 Shore A; Podoalgin, chromatic alginate packed in comfortable single-dose sachets; Podostone, the ideal plaster to develop the device with the maximum definition of details. The kit also includes measuring spoons, a spatula and a mixing cup.