Italian dental manufacturer, since 1946
Dental Supplies Producer


Wide range of dental materials for dental clinics and dental laboratories, suiting the needs of all professionals.
Lascod was founded as a company specialized in dental impression materials, which play a crucial role in restorative dentistry. All processing phases are managed internally: from formulation to packaging.

Our alginates have characteristics suitable for every application: different working times and settings, chromatic variation, high dimensional stability (up to 168 hours). All stand out for their high thixotropy, accuracy in reproducing details, pleasant flavor and ease of use. The alginates with chromatic phase indicator (Lascod patent) greatly help the dentist in the 3 working phases: mixing, impression tray loading and insertion in the oral cavity.

Silicones add to the traditional characteristics of alginates the advantages of higher dimensional stability (especially addition silicones), greater elasticity and better elastic recovery, as well as a higher tear resistance.

Our dental cements are based on an innovative chemistry to optimize dental restorations and offer you high adhesion, great versatility and reduced postoperative sensitivity.
Temporary cements such as Fillfix are also essential for the dental practice. The ability to fix temporary restorations, crowns or bridges gives dentists the time they need to create firmer restorations without sacrificing patient comfort and dental function.

Our dental plasters have been developed based on high quality materials to ensure the success of a wide range of dental procedures and applications.