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Lascod plasters are formulated to give an optimal combination of quality, ease of use and time saving. The finely micronized powder allows the perfect reproduction of the details. The physical properties allow the creation of precise models enhancing the prosthetic product. Extraordinary consistency and surface hardness, guarantee resistant margins even in thin thicknesses, no risk of breakage or chipping during the cutting, finishing and extraction phases from the impression materials. The hermetic closure of the packaging guarantees long product storage times while keeping its characteristics unchanged.

Study models, master models, removable dies for bridges and crowns, implant prostheses, antagonists, are just some of the dental models that can be made with Lascod stones.

Thanks to the experience gained with color changing alginates (first of all Kromopan) Lascod has patented Kromotypo 3 and Kromotypo 4, the first dental plasters with chromatic phases indicator, the color change helps the preparation of the model regardless of environmental conditions, temperature and water hardness.