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Zeffiro Kit

To offer our customers a convenient range of dental instruments that meets every need, we have created the Zeffiro Kits. In the kit catalog you will find:

  • First examination kit, consisting of a probe, a mouth mirror including a handle and a dressing tweezers. There are 43 different assortments available.
  • Hygiene kit, consisting of three Mini Gracey curettes, with hollow handle (8 mm diameter).
  • Kit O.U.T (Oral Urgent Treatment), consisting of three universal extraction forceps, for extractions in emergency situations, in remote areas and in field dentistry.
  • Surgery kit, various assortments available including root instruments, scalpel handles, needle holders, gum scissors and surgical tweezers.
  • Orthodontic kit, to be chosen between the mini nippers kit and the ligature kit.
  • Laboratory kit, to be chosen between the kit of knives and the kit of tools for wax.
  • 10 forceps kit, fully customizable with 10 surgical forceps chosen by the dental professional.