Free of solder and retention edges, Exploit is available in perforated and non-perforated version.

Available in various sizes (XS-S-M-L) for both the upper and lower arches, and also in practical 6 pieces kits (three upper and three lower impression trays in assorted sizes).

Exploit is the only one with adjustable front walls. It is possible to change the front length to make it fit better the patient’s upper and lower arch.

exploit aperture frenuli

The absence of solder and retention edges facilitate the removal of residual material which is a breeding ground for blood, spores and bacteria in the mouth.

exploit materiale residuo

Perforated and non-perforated Exploit impression trays are compatible with all impression materials and are available with a micro-sand blasted satin finish for even more retention.

exploit ritenzione materiale

Exploit has been designed bearing in mind the oral anatomy and an optimal distribution of the impression material, thus offering greater comfort to the patient.

Exploit impression trays are particularly suitable for non-edentulous patients, but are also indicated in cases of total edentulism.

We suggest to use All cleaner solution to remove alginate, plaster and cement residues from the impression tray.


Upper Width Length Perforated Non-perforated
XS 62mm 50mm EXF112 EXL312
S 66mm 53mm EXF113 EXL313
M 69mm 57mm EXF114 EXL314
L 72mm 60mm EXF115 EXL315


Lower Width Length Perforated Non-perforated
XS 60mm 49mm EXF212 EXL412
S 72mm 53mm EXF213 EXL413
M 75mm 57mm EXF214 EXL414
L 78mm 60mm EXF215 EXL415


EXK603 – S, M, L – perforated, satin finish
EXK604 – S, M, L – non-perforated, satin finish

EXK605 – XS, S, M – perforated, satin finish
EXK606 – XS, S, M – non-perforated, satin finish

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