Ghenesyl putty

Addition curing silicone (polyvinylsiloxane), Ghenesyl Putty is available in 2 hardnesses, soft and hard.
Each of these is available in the normal and fast set.

Ghenesyl new generation addition curing “polyvinylsiloxane” silicone guarantees, thanks to its specific characteristics, maximum precision in detecting details (25 µm) even in a wet setting. The different hardnesses and consistencies allow to obtain optimal results by adapting to every need and impression taking technique. The long processing time allows you to manage the product, and at the same time the short stay in the mouth guarantees maximum patient comfort during the impression taking. Ghenesyl adapts perfectly to the anatomical shape of the dental structures and soft tissues, thus allowing the reproduction of intact and perfect margins.

Ghenesyl is also available in practical kits, ideal for those who use addition silicone only for specific needs and want to have a product that is always fresh, avoiding unnecessary waste.

Ghenesyl Putty is available in 2 hardnesses, Hard and Soft in low viscosity. The 4 bodies: Superlight, Light, Regular and Heavy, are available in cartridges and can be used for both putty-wash and sandwich techniques. Ghenesyl Regular proves to be an excellent material even for the single-component monophase technique.

A color code makes each product easy to identify:


  Putty soft
⬤  Putty hard


  Superlight body
  Light body
⬤  Regular body
⬤  Heavy body


GNS010 (normal set) / GNS510 (fast set) – Putty soft – 2 x 300 ml (600 ml)

GNS020 (normal set) / GNS520 (fast set) – Putty hard – 2 x 300 ml (600 ml)


A kit consist of:

2 x 150 ml base + catalyst (putty)
1 x 50 ml cartridge (body)
6 mixing tips
6 oral tips

GNS080 (normal set) / GNS580 (fast set) – Putty hard + Light body

GNS081 (normal set) / GNS581 (fast set) – Putty hard + Superlight body

GNS082 (normal set) / GNS582 (fast set) – Putty soft + Light body

GNS083 (normal set) / GNS583 (fast set) – Putty soft + Superlight body

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