Impression kit

This kit includes everything you need to reproduce the affected part and obtain a positive on which to build the necessary medical device.

This kit consist of: Podoshape, addition curing silicone with a final hardness of 90 Shore A; Podoalgin, chromatic alginate packaged in practical single-dose bags; Podostone, the ideal plaster to develop the device with the maximum definition of details. The kit also includes two measuring spoons, one spatula and one mixing bowl.


In order to obtain a good quality impression, it is necessary to apply Podoshape directly on the affected part of the foot and make it adhere by working it manually to obtain maximum reproduction of the details.
The hardening takes place in a few minutes and does not create any discomfort for the patient.
The high dimensional stability over time keeps the negative obtained unchanged pending the development of the positive.
Podoshape is characterized by a high biocompatibility with tissues (skin).

• Color red
• Hardness 90 Shore A
• Mixing ratio 1:1
• Mixing time: 30”
• Working time: 2’45”
• Setting time: 14′


Chromatic alginate for high precision elastic impressions in podiatry.
The chromatic phases (pink -> white) allows the visual control of the mixing and processing phases regardless of the environmental conditions, the temperature and hardness of the water.
The quick setting time of Podoalgin does not create any discomfort for the patient. The high definition of the details enhances the realization of the positives necessary for the construction of more complex devices. If stored in a closed plastic bag, without adding water, paper or wet cotton, the impressions taken with Podoalgin alginate are unalterable for over 100 hours.
Excellent results can be obtained with Podostone plaster.

• Final color: white
• Water/powder ratio: 60 ml/27 g
• Manual mixing time: 45”
• Working time: 2’50”
• Setting time: 4′


The finely micronized powder allows the perfect transfer of details, facilitates smoothness during the pouring phase avoiding the formation of air bubbles. The extraordinary compactness and surface hardness of Podostone plaster guarantee resistant margins even in the presence of thin thicknesses. This avoids the risk of breakage or chipping during the extraction phase from the impression or any finishing and cutting.
The quick setting of Podostone allows to reduce the waiting time, allowing the operator to proceed quickly to the subsequent processing phases.

• Color: light yellow
• Water/powder ratio: 43 ml/100 g
• Imbibition time: 20”
• Manual mixing time: 60”
• Pouring time: 3′
• Setting time: 7′


PDI001 – Podologic Impression kit

20 x 27 g (Podoalgin)
2 x 500 ml (Podoshape base + activator)
1 x 1 kg (Podostone)
2 measuring spoons
1 mixing bowl
1 mixing spatula

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