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Since Kromopan was created it has been an incredible break through in dentistry, allowing, thanks to the chromatic phase indicator (purple: mixing -> pink: tray loading -> white: insertion in mouth), the impression taking with high quality and easy check through the working phases.

Available also in the single-dose version, for an easier and faster use, and in the “type 2” version, with a longer working time.





The first ever alginate with a chromatic phase indicator (Lascod patent): purple -> pink -> white.

  • Class A type 1
  • Easy to mix
  • Thixotropic
  • Extra fast in mouth, minimum setting time 30”
  • High accuracy: 20 micron
  • Long dimensional stability (168 hours)
  • Compatible with alginate impression disinfectant
  • Mint flavour
  • Dust Free
  • 5 years of expiry date



A chromatic alginate with long dimensional stability specifically studied for all those application where a longer working time is essential.

Kromopan can be used for the preparation of:

  • Mobile prothesis
  • Removable and fixed prostheses antagonist
  • Preliminary models
  • Study models

Viraggio Kromopan

The chromatic phase indicator helps with the preparation of impressions without having to worry about temperature changes or specific water hardness.
Temperature changes modify working and setting time and the color indicator will change accordingly.
The chromatic phase indicator is a guarantee for perfect mixing and timely insertion in the oral cavity.
After mixing water and powder, the compound color turns to purple, it is time to mix.
Pink indicates the time to pour the compound in the impression tray. The white color indicates the time to insert the tray in the oral cavity.

The minimum time in mouth is just 30 seconds.


Kromopan impressions can be disinfected by submersion in specific solutions without alteration by carefully following their manufactures instruction for use.


The model can be poured up to 168 hours with optimal results.
The impression must be stored in a sealed plastic bag (Safe-Lock Bags by Lascod) without adding anything else. Do not leave the impression in open air or immersed in water.


KRM302 – Kromopan type 1 – Box containing 20 bags, 450 g each (9 kg)

KRM218 – Kromopan type 1 – Box containing 200 single-dose bags, 18 g each (3,6 kg)

KRM203 – Kromopan type 1 – Plastic jar containing 1 bag of 450 g + Pair of measuring spoons

KRT302 – Kromopan type 2 – Box containing 20 bags, 450 g each (9 kg)


A Comprehensive Guide to Using Lascod’s KROMOPAN Alginate:

  To download the instructions for use go to the download page.

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